We believe there is a better way...

  • We serve as a “fiduciary” working only in the best interest of you, our client. We are a fee-only adviser and accept no commissions in any form that could pose a conflict of interest.

  • We are a low-cost provider eliminating the high cost of active mutual funds with associated sales loads and fees. We use low-cost, passive index-based ETFs and mutual funds and manage investments directly within the firm customized to your needs.

  • We avoid the underperformance of active mutual funds and managers. According to S&P Dow Jones Indices, over a five-year period ended June 2018, 76% of large-cap, 82% of mid-cap, and 93% of small-cap managers have underperformed their respective benchmarks.

  • Our firm includes investment and planning advice all under one roof from David and Tony with decades of professional experience to help provide a holistic investment management experience.

  • We believe that our mission is not only to efficiently and holistically provide you with superior investment and planning services, but also to educate you as your “personal CFO”.