We will provide customized plans and investment portfolios to help you grow your wealth to achieve your objectives.  We specialize in investment planning for retirement, estates, college funding, targeted bequeaths, and charitable foundations and other institutions. 

D&A will build your wealth management solution based on a holistic review of all your assets, including taxable, tax-deferred, tax-free, and other accounts and assets, including real estate, trusts, etc.  We make use of a “core/satellite” approach whereby we identify a “core” portfolio to obtain market exposure consistent with your risk tolerance and then add additional “satellite” positions around the core to specifically tailor your portfolio accounts to your needs and desires.    

Before your portfolio is selected, D&A will:

  • learn each client’s current and longer-term investment objectives and investment constraints including risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, liquidity issues, tax status, outside holdings and special considerations and refer to the prepared Client Profile and Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”).

  • cash flow modeling with income, expenses and goals with a target investment portfolio can be used to obtain a better understanding of your risks and probabilities of goal success. We use industry-leading software to help determine the optimal investment plan.

  • consider the current economic and capital market environment, asset class relative values, market levels, and news from around the world.

  • conduct research through review of academic journals, financial commentators and financial industry web sites including Morningstar, Barron’s, and Bloomberg.

D&A makes use of low-cost passively-managed exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds to build your customized portfolios, but may also include but is not limited to stocks, fixed income securities, alternative investments and cash equivalents, if appropriate or desired.  D&A may also make use of pre-defined strategies or risk-targeted model portfolios depending on your specific needs or desires. 

Additionally, D&A may make use of third-party asset managers who have expertise in certain investment strategies that may be appropriate to manage a portion of your portfolio.  The use of these vehicles allows D&A to seek diversification, low costs, tax efficiency, transparency, and high liquidity for your portfolio.

D&A is strictly a fee-only investment management firm serving as a fiduciary.  The firm’s compensation is solely from fees paid directly from clients as a percentage of assets under management.  D&A does not sell any commissioned products and no commissions in any form are accepted. 

See the regulatory Form ADV Part 2 Brochure for more information on risks.

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